Provide a unique experience for your guests. Improve room quality and service scores. 


Hospitality and personal satisfaction go hand in hand. As experts in hospitality, we have designed a simple but more effective way to ensures satisfaction for all guests who come to your hotel. These Housekeeping Squares will take your hotel to the next level. A special way to connect with your guests and letting them know how valuable they are to you. This also helps improve the level of visitation as the heart felt welcoming will market your business.

Take your hospitality business to the next level

This colorful Housekeeping note to guests will serve as a welcoming message and help the guests feel free, loved and enjoyed the stay. For the better of your business and your employees, this is an essential housekeeping accessory that will mark a turnaround for your hotel. The only change that has been stopping your success in human touchpoints at your hotel is finally here.  The versatility of these Housekeeping Cards makes them more significant as they can be used in different hospitality business. Take your managerial skills with this significant innovation.

What makes this Housekeeping Squares special?

Our Housekeeping Squares are offered in 6 different designs, with the same message to match your hotels branding. Choose from 6 different designs. Inform guests their room was cleaned by someone that truly cares. These cards create a human touch that builds confidence with your hotel guests. To help your employees/ staff realize their hard work and appreciation of their service, they individually sign these hospitality cards which boost their morale and help them work effectively to achieve the best for your company. 

Perfect for: 
Hotels, Hospitals, Nursing Facilities, Home Cleaning Companies, Apartments, and other cleaning services.

Special benefits from our housekeeping squares:

  • Improves guest experience
  • Boost room service scores
  • Builds engagement
  • Increases staff morale
  • Connect with guests
  • Back is blank for additional notes
  • Space for staff name/signature
  • Customization is also available. Contact Us.

"I have taken special care to ensure your room is perfect. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to make your stay more comfortable. Have a great stay."

How to Order:

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4" x 4"
Printing: Flat/Uncoated Cardstock
Product Type: 14pt card stock

Printing/Delivery Time:
Turnaround time is usually 4-8 business days 

Looking for a smaller size? Try our Housekeeping Cards (7 designs)

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