Hospitality Excellence On-Property Training

Discover how your team can offer excellent customer service to get positive feedback.

Learning how to provide an a great customer experience for your guests can be easy, if you know the key elements that actually make them happy. If you want your team to be more confident in offering a memorable service experience, that gets positive feedback (such as 5-star online reviews), then register for an on-property workshop.

As current hotel business operators, we understand the demands of our ever-changing industry. We are honored to share our 20+ years of experience and expertise to help improve your business. We consult & train hospitality professionals like yourself on today's most relevant topics such as Online Reviews, Marketing, On/Off-Property Sales & Marketing and Customer Engagement.

My proven strategies will help boost positive reviews and increase your guest satisfaction scores. 


Here’s what is included in the training (worksheets, tools, cards are included at no extra cost);

Starting at 8:30am, your management team and I spend about 4 hours reviewing your current processes, online presence, existing service scores. I suggest strategies to improve the following:

  • Walk the property to discover opportunities.
  • Arrival process.
  • Guest experience including Interactions/engagement of staff.
  • Departure process and follow-up.
  • Updating your online presence with tripadvisor, google and distribution channels.
  • Create an incentive program for guest feedback.

12:30p to 1:00p – Break

1:00p to 2:30/3:00p – All Staff Training (Management, FD, HK, Breakfast, Maintenance)

  • Importance of customer service.
  • How to engage at check-in, during stay and check-out.
  • How to ask for feedback.
  • Execute incentive program.
  • Distribute tools (every employee will get their own business card)
  • Answer Questions.

3:00p to 4:00p – Post-Staff Training Review with GM

4:00p to 6:00: Goal Setting, Productivity and Property Specifics

  • How to respond to reviews and surveys
  • How to follow up with staff
  • Review social media channels

Since this program can only be successful with the full involvement and buy-in of the ownership and management, I will require you to sit down with me to talk about the overall program (which includes a proven incentive program, with goal setting). 

Tools included with the training;

  • 1-day, on-site training with Rupesh Patel for GM, Ass GM, FD, HK, Maintenance and Breakfast Hosts. 
  • 250 each -  Review Business Cards for all employees
  • We Care Trip Feedback Cards
  • CareFresheners
  • Mention My Name Cards
  • 1 Custom Candy Wrapper
  • 1 Custom Water Bottle Wrapper 
  • 15 ways to engage with your guests - guide 
  • Generic Review cards for new hires 
  • Housekeeping Squares
  • Our Promise Cards

These tools will be custom printed prior and handed out during the training. 

The end of the training, your entire team will understand how to properly ask for reviews, learn tips on exceptional customer service and start executing the program that day. 

By fully executing these strategies and following up with on-going coaching, the goal is for your property to be top ranked with review within the brand and online

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